What is a base color?

Base color is a single proccess root-touch up.


What is gloss and toner?

Our glosses and toners are a conditioning cellophane treatments that can deposit any color or correct a tone. Also, adds shine and makes your hair soft.


What color line do you use?

We use Loreal Majirel and INOA(ammonia-free)



What is an Olaplaex treatment?

An Olaplaex treatment is a hair strengthening treatment. Great for damaged hair that is split or breaking.



What is Power shot?

A Power shot treatment is a conditioning treatmeant that leave your hair shiny and soft. 


Do you provide any services for men?

Yes, we can do a base color or a men's color rinse.


What is a Men's color rinse?

A Men's color rinse is a semi-permanent color that is for men that have salt and pepper hair. It deposits color to give a darker version of the salt and pepper which gradually fades between 4-6 weeks.



How often do I need to cover my roots covered?

Everyone is different. On average anywhere from 2-4 weeks.



What is Amonia -free color?

Our amoina-free color is INOA. Its plant based and has no ammonia. 

Can you match my color or do I need to bring in my formula?

All of our colorists are experienced and trained by Haleh Lekkos. We can match your color perfectly. However, you are free to bring in your formula if you wish.

Does permeant color cover my grey hair?

Yes, permanent color does cover your greys 100%. Including our ammonia-free color. However, it can fade after time due to oxidation and being in the sun.

Why does my hair turn red or brassy?

When you start coloring your hair, color fades and all the undertone pigments start to surface. When that happens, brunettes can turn red or maybe even orange and blondes can turn orange and or yellow. In that case, it can be corrected with a toner.


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